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Candy-Jarr App: Sebastian

"What do we have here now? Do you wanna ride or die? La dadada, la la la la..."

Basic Info

Sebastian Turk

Age: 25
Gender: Male
Height: 6'5
Build: Muscular-ish?
Candy Type: Big Turk


Heathen: Sebastian is gonna act the way he wants to act. If he wants to have a very inappopriate conversation in the middle of a crowded room, he will do that. He's the king of poorly timed jokes, and if you invite him to your house he's gonna use the bathroom with the door wide open.
Brash: This dude is an asshole, let me tell you. He is just blunt, and he doesn't care who doesn't like it. It's just the way people always talked to him, so now it's how he talks to others. He doesn't see it as being rude, but he has noticed a trend that when people are babied things are less likely to get done. To avoid all of this he'd rather be straight up.
Mindful: He is surprisingly a good listener, but it's probably so he can use bit's of information in the future. He knows when someone needs to be heard, and he'll occassionally be that person. He is also very in tuned with his surrondings. He has a habit of opening his front door before someone even knocks on it. Probably his paranoia or someting to be honest.
Loyal: If you gain the respect of this heathen, he'll stand behind you no matter what. He won't listen to any "he said she said" crap. He'll come directly to the person and take their word for it. There are two ways to gain his trust in the long run. First, keep earning it everyday with kindness and respect. Or second, do something monumental. Like, tell him you saw something that could negatively affect his business.
Protective: This is after his trust has been earned of course. He will be very protective over people in his inner circle. If he hears that you're being harrassed by someone, then guess who's gonna hang upside down by their feet from a 20 story building until they apologize? Yeah, you gotta tell him not to do stuff like that, because he'll take the initiative.


Dry Cleaning Owner: Yeah... let's go with that. I mean, he really does own a dry cleaners, but it's a cover up for the shady shit he actually does.


Originally from Ice Cream Mountain. He lived in the cold most of his life. Growing up he was nothing but a middle child. Between he and his four other siblings, Sebastian was the lost one. Everyone had their own gimmick. Leigh got attention because he was the half-brother, Lorn was the actor, Francis was the only girl, and Roman was the youngest. Though his parents were very loving and attentive, this one seemed to slip through the cracks. He wasn't getting what he felt like was enough love, so he seeked it somewhere else. Where you may ask? On the streets. At the very young age of 14 he began to skip school to sell drugs. Feeling the power of independence and a whole gang behind him was enough influence for him to keep going. He would go in and out of juvenile hall, but it was never for drugs; all for assault with a deadly weapon. It wasn't until  he was 17 years old that his parents even found out why he was fighting so much. They got a call that their son had been stabbed several times, but he would live. His mother told him that he couldn't continue this lifestyle or he'd have to leave her house. Of course people like Sebastian must fall before they learn anything in life, so he left.

He moved to Domoko City for a bit, and continued moving up the hierarchy of this criminal life. People began to respect the young boss, and his name became well known underground. It was because of his infamy that he had to move to Sour Valley. He couldn't risk staying in Domoko and letting anyone find out where his brothers lived, especially since one of them is on t.v. As much as he missed Ice Cream Mountain and wanted to move back there, he couldn't do that either. Even though his parents kicked him out, he still loved and respected them, so he wouldn't put their lives in danger either. Sour Valley was off the map just enough so he could get his work done in peace. Once he earned enough money, he opened up a dry cleaning business and that's when things really began to get heated. Just make sure if you go to his shop you don't ask for a "Triple Delicate Wash with Extra Light Fabric Softener." Some shit may go down if you do.


+ Funny People (A joke is a good ice breaker)
+ People Who Mind Their Business
+ Bone Chilling Weather (Because people are less likely to be outside)
+ Opera (he will kill you if you tell anyone)
+ Cookie Dough


- Sneaky People
-Feeling Disrespected
- Dirty Shoes
- People Staring at His Big Ass Gauges (Get over it Sebastian, their giant)
- How His Tattoos Cover Up Hickeys (He wants to see those love marks dammit!)

Additional Information:

* Besides telling a joke, a good way to start a conversation is complimenting his shoes. His family always gives him shit for his choice in footwear, so it'll secretly boost his confidence a little.
*Has surprisingly neat handwritting. Looks like a font.
*He has four stab marks on his back, and two on his right arm, but they're covered by his tattoo.
*Loves when his hair is touched, and as weird as he is about personal space, he would let a stranger touch his hair.
* He's an asshole, but not a COMPLETE asshole. He's significantly nicer to women and children. 
* Although he technically lives in Sour Valley he still spends like 75% of his time in Domoko City


You can try <3


Stack of Candy Moniessss
Strawberry Short Blade

Will I stop until I have all the Turk's in this group? Maybe...

Voodoo Scandal
I mean, the news doesn't always lie. It prints the truth sometimes, and in this case...
There's a good possiblility that Frye has a voodoo doll of everyone in Indieville. The guy can't fight, so he needs SOMETHING (;

Anyway, his last name is not Chavez, & you'd do well to remeber that.
Smh, got him all hot & bothered in his silk robe. Go back to sleep Frye!

Whelp, this was my lazy part of the event. Woop!

Moniessss: $35 + $20 (event bonus) = $55
This is Melodie aka Mel... i'll add her info once I come back from school
Might shade her later.. depends...
1. Please post these rules!
2. Post 8 facts about your character!
3. Tag 8 other characters, list their names and their creators!
4. Tag-backs are fine!

I have been tagged by :iconmestarithemoth: regarding Candy-Jarr App: Sage by ColorlessPrism So here you go!

1. Her hair grows at an extremely fast rate. If she shaved her entire head, it would only take about 6 months to grow back to its current length. She is not sure how long her hair can grow, and is honestly not trying to figure it out because it's already a hassle as it is.

2. Sage is a former stripper. Some call it exotic dancer, but if you ever manage to get her to bring it up she'll call it a stripper. She did not come from a super wealthy family, so she did what she had to do to get through school. She is far from embarrassed about it, but it is information she keeps to herself because she knows that some people frown upon it.

3. One of her favorite food combinations is peanut butter and pickles. She respects the fact that many people don't enjoy it, but if you do partake however, she'll be so thrilled.

4. Her ideal date would be going on a ghost hunt. She doesn't mind doing it alone, but going with someone else would turn her into a kid in a candy store.

5. Sage isn't the greatest chef in the world, however, she makes some of the best macaroon's. It's all in the secret recipe baby!

6. Even if she's running late she'll take a bath over a shower. She hates showers because she feels like they're a waste of water.

7. She hides a scar on her face everyday with concealer. She was 17 when it happened. Sage found out her boyfriend cheated on her on several occasions, and so she broke his phone. She would have broken more, but she had no time to react as her boyfriend threw the broken phone at her face and left her with a nasty scar. Needless to say, that relationship ended right then and there.

8. Candy FIEND, but won't drink soda, well, unless it's flat. Carbonated drinks are not her thing, mm-mmm. 

I'm just gonna tag some people now mkay? MKAY! Sorry if you've been tagged before!

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United States


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