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Indieville App: Nix
Name: Nix Sirius
Age: 19
Height: 6'1
Race: Pegasus
Ethnicity: Greek-American

Class: Hero
Favorite Food: Apples 
Items: Camera, Glasses cleaner, Gum, Wallet, Nintendo Switch
Weapon: Chloroform & a rag Bag of quarters

Personality: Nervous | Helpful | Independent | Lazy | Sneaky
Nervous: He is an easily flustered individual. It has a lot to do with him being sneaky. Kind of a jumpy dude. He gets nervous mostly around attractive people.
Helpful: Got some lost keys? Nix will help look. Need some good advice? Nix will give you some. He's just very helpful and willing to be that way without any ulterior motive. 
Independent: Always pays for his own things. He tries to ask for favors as little as possible. Even if his opinion differs from everyone else,  he sticks with it. Doesn't mind going against the grain sometimes.
Lazy: Only when he can be. He loooooves being lazy and doing nothing all day. 
Sneaky: It is very hard to dig up much dirt on him. He is very good at covering his tracks. Also he is very good at lurking without people knowing.

     TOUGHNESS: *******
     STURDINESS: *****
     INTUITION: ***
     LUCK: *

Background: A Pegasus from an unknown realm. He lived among the others just like him. The community he came from was much like the Amish. On the 16th birthday each Pegasus is granted freedom to the human world. They are given a human form and with that they explore whichever continent they so please for up to a year. Nix chose America,specifically Los Angeles.  He fell in love. The place, the people, the food. It only took him about a week before he definitively chose to stay in the world of humans. He was banished for good. He was never allowed to return, and all of the power he had as  full blooded Pegasus had been relinquished. He is technically still a Pegasus permanently trapped in a human body. It is not forbidden for him to talk about his hometown because it is impossible to find.

Wanting to see more of this crazy world, he heard about this strange place called Indieville. Didn't take him much convincing to stay after one visit. 

+ Taking photos
+Beautiful people
+Video games
+Sprinkled donuts

- Dairy products
-Bad lighting
-People who can't hold a conversation 
-People who make constant excuses

Additional Info: 
* The ends of his hair floats up and he hates it.
*He doesn't have any tattoos or piercings becaise he's afraid of blemishes on his skin.
*He can run exceptionally fast, and his human legs truly restrict his potential.
*Thinks military training is fun because he likes challenges and he's a structure freak.
*His eyes are totally white. No iris, no pupil. Sometimes he'll switch the contact color to green or brown, but for the most part he'll do blue.
*When his hair is out it just kinda... levitates. Unless it's wet.

Shipping: Sure bruh.

RP method: Script or lit. Preferably lit because it keeps me motivated.
You Lookin At Me
Alright, so my Cromartie High School fic is one of those things that I write but never post (talk about self indulgent).

Tommy Sinclair (the girl) goes to the all boys school that is Cro High. Because of her unisex name, her paperwork was mistaken for a boys.
She is a foreign exchange student from America, and she is completely aware that this is an all boys school, but it's too late to transfer now.
The boys don't know that she knows she is attending an all boys school and refuse to inform her in fear that she will transfer.
Tommy is about as badass as she look... so not at all. She talks a big game, but that's only so she'll fit in with these thugs.

I do not own Cromartie High School (although I wish I did because the show & manga are hilarious)!
I do however own Tommy Sinclair! Woop!
Siren and The Sniper

If you find these women, shoot with intent to kill.

Alias: The Sniper
Age: 23
Height: 5'11
Weapon: Flintlock Pistol
Coup de Grace: Two to the Dome

Name: Lucille
Alias: Siren
Age: 19
Height: 5'4
Weapon: Wooden Stake
Coup de Grace: Watery Grave

Occupation: They are both wanted pirates with no steady work.

Plan of Attack: They will come at you one of two ways. The first way is what got them the nickname Siren and The Sniper. Siren will perch herself on a piece of driftwood out in the middle of the ocean and pretend to be shipwrecked. She will plead loud enough for nearby ships to hear here. Once sailors get close enough, she'll drive a stake through their heart. Or if she's feeling really ambitious, she's drag a sailor down to the depths and choke them out underwater. All while this is going on and people are paying attention to Siren, The Sniper is hopping aboard and indiscriminately giving everyone two to the dome. She is quiet, and she rarely misses her intended target. They will ONLY use this tactic in thick fog. 

The second way is joining up with another crew. They have been known to stay with a crew for up to a year at a time, but one thing is certain, you WILL get robbed. They find out the weaknesses of everyone onboard and when the time comes they will rob their own crew blind and take over. These two only have loyalties to each other, so even if you get in "close" with them, just know that they are planning your death all the while.

I was in the mood to make some badass females, so here is Siren and The Sniper. This has nothing to do with anything. Just wanted to draw & make a backstory.
1. Please post these rules!
2. Post 8 facts about your character!
3. Tag 8 other characters, list their names and their creators!
4. Tag-backs are fine!

I have been tagged by :iconmestarithemoth: regarding Candy-Jarr App: Sage by ColorlessPrism So here you go!

1. Her hair grows at an extremely fast rate. If she shaved her entire head, it would only take about 6 months to grow back to its current length. She is not sure how long her hair can grow, and is honestly not trying to figure it out because it's already a hassle as it is.

2. Sage is a former stripper. Some call it exotic dancer, but if you ever manage to get her to bring it up she'll call it a stripper. She did not come from a super wealthy family, so she did what she had to do to get through school. She is far from embarrassed about it, but it is information she keeps to herself because she knows that some people frown upon it.

3. One of her favorite food combinations is peanut butter and pickles. She respects the fact that many people don't enjoy it, but if you do partake however, she'll be so thrilled.

4. Her ideal date would be going on a ghost hunt. She doesn't mind doing it alone, but going with someone else would turn her into a kid in a candy store.

5. Sage isn't the greatest chef in the world, however, she makes some of the best macaroon's. It's all in the secret recipe baby!

6. Even if she's running late she'll take a bath over a shower. She hates showers because she feels like they're a waste of water.

7. She hides a scar on her face everyday with concealer. She was 17 when it happened. Sage found out her boyfriend cheated on her on several occasions, and so she broke his phone. She would have broken more, but she had no time to react as her boyfriend threw the broken phone at her face and left her with a nasty scar. Needless to say, that relationship ended right then and there.

8. Candy FIEND, but won't drink soda, well, unless it's flat. Carbonated drinks are not her thing, mm-mmm. 

I'm just gonna tag some people now mkay? MKAY! Sorry if you've been tagged before!

:iconminkoii:'s Candy - Jarr  | Amelia Diaz by minkoii
:iconsourdreamer:'s Marshie Mallow- APP by SourDreamer
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United States


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